McKinsey&Company EuroAcademy 2008

McKinsey & Company

EuroAcademy 2008 – students to develop future strategies for core European industries

McKinsey is inviting outstanding students from 20 countries to Kitzbühel for an international recruiting event.

How good is Europe as a location for research and development? What strategies can be used to put Europe back in the lead on innovation? And how can economic growth be stimulated in the EU member states? These and other questions about the future of Europe will be the focus of the EuroAcademy, an international recruiting event to be run by top management consultancy McKinsey & Company. Following a summons to «Shape a New Europe,» 120 selected participants from 20 European countries will work with leading business people, politicians, and academics to develop ideas for the Europe of the future. The EuroAcademy will take place from February 21 to 24, 2008 at the AlpineUniversity, McKinsey's international management learning center in Kitzbühel. Interested senior undergraduates and doctoral students from all disciplines are invited to apply. Applications will be accepted until December 15, 2007.

«By organizing the EuroAcademy, we offer outstanding young minds the chance to discuss their concerns, suggestions, and hopes for Europe's political and economic future with leaders from throughout Europe,» said McKinsey Director Jean-Christophe Mieszala about the Kitzbühel event. Among the event's guests will be Joschka Fischer, former German minister of foreign affairs and vice-chancellor, and Pat Cox, President of European Movement International and former President of the European Parliament. In a number of workshops, the young academics will in particular develop future strategies for core European industries such as automotive manufacturing, financial services, telecommunications, and the media. They will receive guidance from experienced McKinsey partners and top managers from the relevant sector. The «EuroAcademy» participants will then present their concepts in a closing plenary session. The event will be supported by an attractive fringe program.

To apply, interested students should send a covering letter, a tabular CV, and copies of all relevant academic certificates and references to:

McKinsey & Company Moscow
Ekaterina Chikantseva, Yulia Donkina
Phone: +7495 661 45 00

Additional information on this event can be found on the EuroAcademy website: