International Education Program from Kyungpook National University

Kyungpook National University

Committed to excellence and quality in higher education, Kyungpook National University(KNU) is an academic community that combines the best of Korean historical tradition with an innovative international outlook. Hosting a student population of over 29,000, KNU is a key player in producing qualified professionals that will shape the future development of Korea as a global competitor.

Kyungpook National University-International Education Program (KNU-IEP)

In response to the exciting challenges of today's global community, KNU operates the Kyungpook Naitonal University-International Education Program(KNU-IEP), which provides undergraduate students from overseas with a unique academic experience that will allow them to expand their knowledge and understanding of other peoples and cultures.

KNU-IEP Courses

Students can choose from a variety of courses that have been specially designed to offer a new perspective and understanding of Korea, while also addressing topical global issues. The curriculum includes classes on basic Korean languages, economics, culture, history, politics and global and regional affairs. The courses are taught in English, and each course carries three credits (based on 45 contact hours).

Regular Courses in English or Korean

International students are also eligible to enroll on regular courses taught in English or Korean offered by KNU. However, a fairly advanced Korean language proficiency is required to enroll on regular courses taught in Korea.

Study Period Options

Academic year (recommended): September - June, next year Single semester: March - June or September - December.


You are eligible for KNU-IEP if you ...
  • Are currently enrolled as an undergraduate student at a non-Korean academic institution.
  • Have the necessary English proficiency, as all KNU-IEP courses are taught in English
  • Postgraduate students may apply, but should bear in mind that KNU-IEP is designed for undergraduates.
Applying to KNU-IEP

To be considered for the KNU-IEP program, you must arrange for your application and supporting documents to reach us by 25 May, for September enrollment, or by 25 November, for March enrollment. Required documents are:
  • Application form with application fee (Download from
  • Copy of passport(face page)
  • Study plan(250 words or less)
  • Official academic transcript
For application instructions and forms, and further program information, see

Please send your applications and all inquires to
  • Office of International Affairs
  • Kyungpook National University
  • Daegu, 702-701, Korea
  • Tel.: +82-53-950-6823
  • Fax.: +82-53-950-6093
  • E-mail: